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Project Rationale


  • Significant revenue generation
  • Returns on investment
  • Foreign exchange earnings

Host Community

  • Job creation (direct and indirect)
  • Economic Development of the Region
  • Development of critical infrastructure (access roads, electricity, portable water, etc.) in the region
  • Growth of supporting industries in the region due to the port’s operations
  • Skills development

Post Users

  • An alternative option for ports users, especially in Lagos where congestion is pronounced
  • Reduction in cost of transportation of bulk cargo for exporters/importers
  • Reduced congestion, faster turn around time for vessels and less charges to pay (demurrage, levies, etc)
  • Time savings for ships calling at the port due to the port’s location at the mouth of River Niger, close to the Atlantic Ocean


  • Provides a critical infrastructure to complement government’s effort in the mining and agricultural sectors
  • Increase in revenue through payment of dues at the port
  • Increase in foreign exchange earnings for the country
  • Reduced pressure on existing roads due to the proposed use of barges for hinterland transport of goods
  • Increase in investment – local and FDI