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  •  Burutu Terminal is strategically located in the middle of Nigeria with shorter access compared to Lagos to the middle and north belt of the country – the River Niger ( 300 miles circa of navigable river ) from Makordi to Locoja (3 hour drive on from Abuja). Ajaocuta, Onicha, Warri , Burutu and the to ocean through the Escravos Channel
  • Natural corridor – River Niger – connecting Burutu Terminal to the north of the country, it was used
    consistently by the British (being marine educated people) to trade from and to inland Nigeria – agriculture, cotton, coal and other materials
  • At Burutu it was based the British Royal Navy
  • Trade hubs such as Onitcha, Locoja, Makurdi were developed because of Burutu as exxporting and
    importing location
  • After civil war in Nigeria Burutu was left underestimated as Lagos kept developing as an import/export port.